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Ethics could be the core principle of a European model of Artifical Intelligence

The context

A few pics of the meetup, taken by Märt Põder from Open Knowledge Estonia

French and Estonian civic tech scenes as seen by activists

On November 29th, the French Institute of Estonia and Open Knowledge Estonia host a meetup at Tallinn University to discuss recent French and Estonian open government programs.

Open data, platforms, software — How do activists and governments collaborate for a democracy 2.0?

3000 people will attend the Open Government Partnership Global Summit

3000 personnes y sont attendues en décembre 2016 dans le cadre du Partenariat pour un Gouvernement Ouvert

Institut français 🇪🇪

Promoting French culture(s) and innovation in Estonia since 1992 🇫🇷🇪🇪 www.ife.ee

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